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Free AVG Antivirus Checker Tool Online

AVG Antivirus Checker free tool can be used for scanning malware present on your site. It will help you to scan for various types of viruses and send you notifications in case it finds any virus on your site. One distinctive feature of this tool is that it requires no registration or installation. It also has a user-friendly interface also. This tool is quite easy to use and offer your website with a high quality of protection to your website. First, you will need to enter the URL of your website within the text box. You will be able to add up to 20 URLs at a single time. After that click on the green colored ‘’Submit’’ button. The results will be displayed to you in chart form with domain and status of the site. In case you want to inspect a different URL, then you will need to click on the ‘’Try New Sites’’ option. Why Our AVG Antivirus Checker Tool? | How To Use AVG Antivirus Checker Tool?